Catch-Up TV for Businesses

Many businesses would love to advertise on television but simply can’t afford it. Or can you?

And what if the viewer could not change the channel, or fast forward, during your ad? Sounds good, doesn’t it.

If you want a captured television audience at a fraction of the price, catch-up tv might be for you – 15s and 30s non-skippable video slots, usually streamed via app or from the provider’s website, including live stream services.

Catch-up TV is becoming an entrenched part of home viewing, with the added advantage that not only can it be watched on the main TV, but also laptops, phones, tablets, set-top boxes and even some gaming consoles.

Advertising on catch-up TV is programmatic, meaning intelligent systems will find the right audience for your brand and products and deliver it to the right channel. NewsXtend can buy these bundled packages for you.

The cost starts from $4000 a month for 40,000 Impressions and using our NewsXtend product, we can track and report on the traffic that comes through to your website. So a business will be able to see how many times their commercial appeared and how many of the people that viewed it, clicked on their ad to view their website.

Also we can profile the viewer by their location through their IP address, so we can deliver a targeted ad to the right person at the right time.

So all of a sudden, you have a presence in any TV show on channels 10, 11, ONE, 9, 9GEM, 9GO, 7, 7two,7flix, 7mate, 7Tennis, 7Live and the Multi-Channel Network, which is partnered with Tenplay and also includes the Foxtel Network sports channels and sports live streaming platform on the Foxtel App.

According to a research report produced by IAB, 82 per cent of Australian consumers are watching digital video each month and the video market is experiencing 58 per cent year-on-year growth.
“This is the first time in history when marketers can gain all of the benefits provided by traditional TV advertising coupled with the advanced targeting and detailed reporting they’ve come to expect from digital media buying,” iab Australia said in a recent blog.

Tessa Tolhurst is Community News’ digital sales specialist. For more advice on digital marketing, contact her on (08) 9237 1104 or email

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