Community Connect is an initiative from Community News that helps SMEs and trades & services providers build their businesses, build their brand and build success.

Underpinned by the best value, ‘always on’ advertising offering available, Community Connect membership is designed to deliver solutions for your business – and for you.

Hurry, the current membership intake closes on 1 November, 2019!

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Are you a business owner or decision maker?
Are you looking to market your business?
Are you looking to grow your business over the next 6-12 months?

If yes, then Community Connect may be right for you!

If you answered no, but would still like to hear how Community News can help you, please contact 9237 1000.

Community Connect has been designed to help your business grow through:

–  Insights-led advertising packages designed to build brand and drive results
–  Strong, sustained return on investment
–  Unique access to resources usually only available to large corporations
–  Regular rewards and engaging events
–  A community of like-minded businesses for networking and collaboration
–  A consultant to assist in the optimisation of your program


As part of their membership, Community Connect members will have access to unique opportunities such as sessions with great guest speakers, tailored research for their business, creative services, exclusive advertising opportunities, PR advice, event tickets and much more.

Also, membership will include you as a part of business community with the cross-promotion and networking opportunities that come with it.

These regular events will feature guest speakers like Jeremy Hurst, SpacetoCo founder and recent Shark Tank participant.

SpacetoCo – read their story


Community newspapers are Australia’s most trusted news source*, and each month Community News reaches 913,000** Western Australians across its 12 newspapers and digital platforms.

Community News helps thousands of businesses of all sizes engage with their potential customer base either in their local area, or across Perth.

*Base: For Readers/Users of the respective media aged 18+ :  Wave 1 Jun17 & Wave 2 Apr18 sample sizes : Search engines, TV, Social media n= 1196 to 988, Radio, Non-news websites, News websites, Outdoor, Mags, Metro, Cinema n=849 to 411.  Other papers n=146 to 300. Wave 1 Jun17 showed that a single question was a strong predictor (R2 =0.94) of the Net AdTrust derived asking agreement on each of 20 characteristics:- Qn Thinking now about advertising, to what extent do you agree or disagree that the information provided in advertising in < Media > is trustworthy? Jun17 and Apr18 now reported on asking the single question:- Asked on a scale Disagree 1 to Agree 7 : Net TRUST is Percentage answering 5,6,7 less Percentage answering 1,2,3.

** emma TM conducted by Ipsos MediaCT CMV March 2019.  Nielsen DRM. Community News Print + online L4W


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